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Qi Gong & Yang Style Tai Chi with Anita Brucker

Anita has been practicing the ancient Asian arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, for decades.  Our health and well-being can be optimized by these practices.  In the year 2000, Anita traveled to mainland China with the Chinese Cultural Exchange to better understand the Asian culture.  Chi is the name the Chinese have given to the universal energy that flows thru all things.  It is believed that blockages of chi create disharmony and ill health.
Qi Gong is translated directly as ‘energy exercise’.  With simple movements, balance is brought to the body.  It can help prevent illness and facilitate healing by building up the body’s immune systems and generating internal strength.
 Tai Chi is a slow, gentle exercise to gradually remove blockages and improve health by the movement of chi, and by balancing the Yin and Yang energies in the body.  It reinforces the mind, body, and spirit connections; and has been called “meditation in motion”.   The 24 posture Simplified Yang form of Tai Chi is the most widely recognized and practiced.  Its flowing movements have its roots in martial arts, and are considered to be “an internal”, or “soft form”.   Yang style Tai Chi has been described as “swimming in air”.
My teachers:  Dr. Ming Wu, Founder, AOBTA-CP, ( wuhealing.com/)    Doctor of Chinese Medicine, a third generation Chinese Herbalist, Tui na Healer, Master Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner.  Dr. Paul Lam (taichiforhealthinstitute.org) developed the program: Tai Chi for Arthritis, and a Beijing Gold medal winner in Yang style.  Jay Van Shelt, 6th degree black belt in martial arts.  Master Guangzhi Xing, (www.yinyangtaichi.com/) B.A. in physical education from Shenyang, China.


Tai Chi: 1pm to 2pm

Qi Gong: 2pm to 3pm

Due to Medical reasons both classes will resume January 25, 2018





Robert Austin

Robert Austin


January 22, 2018 from 12:30 to 3pm







Tom Aimar





Discussion Group
With Tom Aimar meeting again on Tuesday
January 30th.  All are welcome, no charge,
6pm to 8pm.  Mall will be closed so come to the back of the building and open door 250.  This is the room we will be meeting in.   If you can’t make it at 6pm, feel free to come later.  Same goes if you need to leave before 8pm, feel free to leave.  Everyone was born with gifts, we are here to help others talk about them and how to use them and how to protect yourselves as well as others sharing about their experiences etc.




Metaphysical Happening’s

Join Elaine the intuitive tarot reader and Bob the astrologist on the last Saturday of the month for an overview of the energies from an astrological and intuitive point of view.  The class is a group discussion allowing all to participate.
Please bring your point of view and any tools you wish to utilize during the participation

Saturday January 20th from 1:00-2:00
This is a free event




My name is MaryAnne Mason and I am a certified reflexologist.

I have over 20 years of experience working in the medical field giving personal care.

In 2006 I became a certified phlebotomist.

Reinventing myself in 2013, I

received my reflexology certification from the accredited, Baltimore School of Reflexology.

 I am currently working on my board certification.

Reflexology is a technique using intermittent pressure with

the thumb or finger at points on the bottom of the feet. 

This promotes relaxation.

Relaxation relieves stress.

Come take your shoes off and relax.

Regular session is 30 minutes for $45 

When: Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays

Call 941-488-6714





The Power of One presents Community- Health- Education by Cristina Babiak, MD on Preventing and Healing Dementia.

January 27, 2018 at 1pm. Cost is $10

Dr. Babiak will present modern research on lifestyles, foods, herbs, and supplements that when used together may increase the growth of new brain cells, prevent dementia, and improve cognitive function.

All are Welcome. Seating is limited. Please RSVP at

(941)488-6714. Event will be in our yoga room at 238 W. Tampa Avenue, Venice Centre Mall #258, lst floor

cbabiak@gmail.com and cristinababiakmd.com

941-474-6593 for personal consultation

All proceeds from this event will be matched and donated by Dr. Babiak to The Season of Sharing.




Energy House Cleansing
and Blessing
with Mic McMannus


The changing of seasons is a perfect time for new homes as well as existing homes to be cleared of stagnate and negative energy that accumulates over time.

A blessing ceremony is then preformed to enhance the energy and beauty of the space within the home.

House cleansing and blessing takes between
1 hour to 1 ½ hours.


For more information call
Mic McMannus 419-280-1573




What's going on in this month at
The Power of One


Events at The Power of One   238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258, Venice 941-488-6714

Hours 11 am to 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

We are closed in the year of 2018 on May 28th, July 4th, Sept 3rd, Nov 22nd, and Dec 25th.


All Readings 15min/$35, 30min/$50, 45min/$65, 60min/$85 (we do make exceptions)


Voyager Tarot, Channeling with Elaine  Available Thursday and Saturday
A certified Voyager Tarot consultant and coach, only uses the cards to assist natural gifts and talents providing a unique reading.  To bring in loving support from your angels she combines two angel oracle decks to provide a personal message of inspiration and focus. 
The primary reading is done through natural intuitive abilities of seeing and hearing.  The connection is made by connecting to  your personal guides and angels allowing a more intuitive channeling for the highest good of all and healing.


Richard Blanchard Available most Tuesdays

Richard is a naturally gifted medium who will use his ability to contact loved onesfrom the great beyond to help obtain closure for various individuals and situations.He is an instrument helping releive unresolved issues of loss and pain.He is able to contact Spiritual Advisors and Angel Guides for wisdom and knowledge and better life experiences.Richard has been mastering his craft for over 30 years. He is a lecturer, teacher and intuitive vessel.




Peggy is reading on Monday Jan 22nd and on Psychic Fair Day

Intuitive Tarot card reader.  The service I offer you is my years of experience in channeling thruth and clairity.  I do this through your angels and guides who want to help you on your journey towards greater happiness.  I use the Tarot, Angel Guidance Cards and other tools which I am called upon by your higher self and your “support team.”  I invite you to ask questions and experience the harmony and power that comes from a unique spiritual reading. Call the store for an appointment with Peggy. 941-488-6714


Robert Austin   The pure tones of crystal bowls carry through physical objects quite well. Due to the crystalline nature of the human body and its ability to resonate with specific frequencies, we can benefit greatly by these pure tones. Please call 488-6714 for dates and times.

Cyndi Rigby wraps jewelry and makes chakra rings and pendants for The Power of One.  She will also wrap a stone while you wait.  She does this every Thursday and on Psychic fair day.


Psychic Fair (First Saturday of Every Month 10-3pm last reading at 2:30. Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Tarot Readings and Shamanic Healing!
All Readings 20min/$20            Shamanic Healing 20min/$25

No Appointments can be made for Psychic Fair day



Mic McManus
Present Day Shaman
Pioneer in Awareness, Acceptance, and presence of Consciousness
SMV is 'Simultaneous Multi-dimension Vibrational alignment'

We are all light beings. At this point, consciousness has evolved to realize that we in the human form are comprised of four bodies: 1. Spiritual Body, 2. Mental Body, 3. Emotional Body, 4. Simultaneously experiencing life on the Earth plane. The techniques I have experienced and am sharing will connect and align you to be present to the I am, thus living your life's purpose.
Mic is an internationally known Shaman with over 30 year’s experience. He has studied with a variety of teachers: In the Amazon jungle of Peru with South America's most noted Shaman, Don Augustine Revas Rodriguez; Native American Shamanism with Joseph (Beautiful Painted Arrow) Rael; Sacred Geometry studies with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Dan Winters; “Love is in the Earth” author, Melody, learning the art of crystal healing and the 'laying on of stones'.
Mic is a Reiki Master and ordained minister with the Church of the Angels in Venice, Florida. With more than 46 years of martial arts experience, he is a Kung-Fu Grand Master and has developed “Spirit Chi”.
Mic's purpose in coming to this incarnation is to witness and be witnessed, and to share his experience of “All are Beings having a Spiritual Experience on this Earth plane.”
Mic is available for private sessions, call Mic for appointment at


Special Guest Reader
International Channel
Sherry Lord
Psychic, Intuitive Channel & Deep Trance Channel

Sherry Lord is a gifted Psychic who can see Angels, guides and Aura’s and more, she draws from her unique and versatile spiritual abilities to help people through Guidance, also channel’s loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.  She can assist you in all areas of your life (personal & Business), including spiritual paths & Life Readings…. (Also Deep Trance readings are available at a slightly higher rate…and are done in 1 hour session)
Sherry is the Emissary for Namara in deep trance, bringing forth channeled information, teachings, messages, enlightenment, understanding and healing. The Founder and President of the Global Light Events & of the Flowing Liquid Light healing modalities, of light and sound energies, Keynote Speaker, Teacher, Radio, Ordained Reverend,  Participates in Expos & Seminars and Travels worldwide., New CD Release Enchanted Journey – A guided mediation. Website: liquidlightnamara.net & globallightevents.com

Prices of Sherry’s Readings:  15min $35, 30min $50, One hour is $85
Deep Trance One hour Sessions are $150
941-961-2731 for appointment



February 1, 2018 11am to 6pm

Call Sherry for appt at 941-961-2731



Yoga with Debbie Downing
Beginners and Mixed level with variations

Yoga is Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am to 11am.

We ask that you come a few minutes before class so we can start right at 9:30am.

The cost of the class will be $10, though we do make exceptions.

For more information, call 941-468-0403



Astrology with Robert (Bob) Langfelder

Bob has been studying astrology since he was 17 years old. He has been practicing astrology counseling for over 30 years. He also has a Masters degree in counseling and has been a certified counselor since 1985.
With over 25 years as a professional counselor and his knowledge of astrology he combines these two skills as a basis for his astrological counseling session.
He specializes in the natal chart (birth chart) which is a snapshot of the stars and planets at a client’s time of birth. Through the natal chart he can discern a client's talents, abilities, areas of weakness and their general personality. There is no greater tool for self knowledge and personal growth than understanding one's Natal chart.  

He also specializes in a yearly forecast in which he uses a progressed chart in current planetary transits to help a client see more clearly the road ahead of them. With greater knowledge, clients can make better choices.
Please call us for more information or to make an appointment with him.
Costs:  Natal $40.   Progressed: $40.00 One hour session

Combined Charts: $75.00 one hour

Please call for more information or to make an appointment with him.

Robert is usually at The Power of One on Fridays





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